Friday, February 22, 2013

Random adventures in the Sacred Valley and Cusco

Hola! I have been living in Cusco for over 3 months, meaning I am just a little over halfway through my volunteer program. Time flies when you´re having fun. When a place becomes like a home away from home, you create daily routines, and not-so-exciting weekend plans, mostly consisting of being a couch potato and watching the lastest DVDs bought off the street and going to the same favorite bars. Needless to say, I won´t bore you with my mundane life. I love living in Peru, but it´s not an exotic adventure every day, so written details won´t really be necessary. Instead, enjoy these pictures. These are the random things I have been up to for the last month and a half.

We helped Mallory and Elise move their English school to a new building in Urubamba. 

Housemates trip to the ruins in Pisac

Jared got stuck in the Incan tunnel

Went to the zoo in Cusco. This is a Sun bear.
I think this is a condor.
I think this is an Ocelot.
The ruins at Chinchero

We even moved our WHOLE hospital! Here´s the old.
Here´s the temporary new!

Celebrating Valentine´s day with the kiddos.
Check out our new and very clean Leukemia unit!
Look who´s on remission and came back to visit 

Sneak peak: next blog, I´ll have a travel adventure to tell you.

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